Mozee in your community

Our objective is to transform the transportation landscape by making it safer, more environmentally friendly, and enjoyable. Our vehicles, designed to be completely autonomous, electric, and purpose-built, represent this vision. As we pursue this ambition, we are committed to being conscientious community members.

In every city we enter, we adopt a transparent and open approach, partnering with local enterprises, authorities, and citizens to guarantee a beneficial influence. We greatly appreciate your perspectives, as your expertise in your city is unparalleled. By comprehending the distinct requirements of your city, we can customize our offerings to efficiently tackle its obstacles.

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What we will contribute to your neighborhood

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Safer Roads

Our objective is to raise the standard of road safety through thorough evaluation of potential hazards, thereby reducing the occurrence of accidents. Our vehicle has been specifically designed with more than 100 safety features to ensure the safety of riders and other road users.

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mozee, is designed for shared use, is fully electric, resulting in fewer privately-owned gasoline vehicles, decreased traffic congestion, and a reduction in harmful emissions for the environment.

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Every person deserves a safe and comfortable trip from one location to another. Mozee has been crafted with riders in mind, so you can relax and enjoy your journey. Say goodbye to the hassle of navigation, traffic, and parking difficulties.

Our Process

We collaborate closely with local government agencies, businesses, and community members throughout the entire process. Our vision for a new city encompasses more than just transportation from one location to another.