redefining the human journey

Based in Plano, Texas, Mozee is a leading player in the autonomous mobility solutions sector. We specialize in the deployment of driverless, electric, multi-passenger vehicles, our focus being the revolution of the transportation landscape. Our mission is to address the first-mile and last-mile challenge within controlled speed environments, thereby enhancing connections between people, places, and services. At Mozee, we believe in leveraging live deployments as a rich source of data and insights. This crucial information fuels the development of our cutting-edge, vehicle-agnostic solutions. Committed to universal mobility, our vision is to make transportation accessible for everyone. We are ushering in a future where mobility is no longer a privilege, but a fundamental right

A sensible practical approach to autonomy.

Enjoy the trek

Mozee vehicles are outfitted with temperature-controlled HEPA filtration systems to ensure a comfortable and healthy ride by maintaining optimal temperatures and purifying the air. With no need for a driver, you can enjoy a stress-free and spacious cabin, allowing you to utilize your time more efficiently.

Less congestion

Our vehicle fleet aims to alleviate congestion and decrease pollution in urban areas, ultimately leading to a more sustainable and pleasant environment for everyone.

Built from the ground up.

Our strategic sensor placement offers a comprehensive 360-degree view, allowing our vehicles to detect and perceive objects in all directions, thus providing an overlapping field of coverage.

Our Mission

Get ready for a new kind of freedom.

Our service goes beyond transportation, it represents a new form of freedom. Freedom to park farther away and save money, freedom to have fewer worries and prioritize what's important. Eventually, we strive to provide freedom from the burden of car ownership.

Pricing for every kind of commuter

No matter if you're a commuter who goes into the office occasionally or a football fan attending a game, we have fair pricing that can accommodate your needs.

Safety is at the heart of everything we do

Mozee places equal emphasis on safety and innovation in both our technology and our practices. We have developed a state-of-the-art vehicle equipped with a variety of sensors, comfortable seating, and additional features.

Entertainment while you mozee

Our vehicles are equipped with screens that allow you to view the world through Mozee's eyes while providing entertainment with games and news updates. Additionally, there are convenient dining and shopping options nearby.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why We're here

In the US, 94% of accidents are caused by human error.

45% of Americans don't have access to mass transit.

1.35 million deaths worldwide due to vehicle crashes every year