redefining the human journey

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Mozee is a leader in autonomous mobility innovation. We are at the forefront of introducing driverless, electric, multi-passenger vehicles that are reshaping the future of travel. Our core mission focuses on bridging the first-mile and last-mile mobility gaps in controlled speed areas, thereby improving connections among communities, various destinations, and services. Each deployment we undertake is rich with data, offering crucial insights. This information is vital for the development of our cutting-edge, vehicle-independent solutions. Committed to the principle of universal mobility, our goal at Mozee is to make transportation universally accessible, pushing the limits of what's achievable in modern transit.

A sensible practical approach to autonomy.

Enjoy the trek

Experience the future of travel with Mozee. Our autonomous, electric vehicles transform your commute into a stress-free and enjoyable journey. Say goodbye to navigation woes, traffic jams, and parking hassles. 'Enjoy the Trek' with Mozee, where safety, comfort, and convenience come together to elevate your everyday travel. Embrace a smoother, more pleasant way to move around your city.

Less congestion

Our fleet of vehicles is designed to reduce congestion and cut down on pollution in city areas, contributing to a more sustainable and enjoyable environment for all.

Built from the ground up.

Incorporating our primarily computer vision-based sensor suite, our strategic sensor placement ensures a complete 360-degree view. This allows our vehicles to detect and perceive objects from all angles, offering an overlapping field of coverage for enhanced safety and awareness.

Our Mission

Get ready for a new kind of freedom.

Our service offers more than just transportation; it symbolizes a newfound freedom. The freedom to park at a distance and save costs, the freedom to reduce concerns and focus on what truly matters. Ultimately, our goal is to liberate you from the obligations of car ownership.

Pricing for every kind of commuter

Whether you're an occasional office commuter or a football enthusiast heading to a game, our fair pricing is tailored to meet your diverse needs.

Safety is at the heart of everything we do

At Mozee, we prioritize both safety and innovation in our technology and methods. Our advanced vehicle is equipped with an array of sensors, offering comfortable seating and various additional features.

Entertainment while you mozee

Our vehicles feature screens that let you see the surroundings from Mozee's perspective, while also offering entertainment through games and news updates. Plus, you'll find handy options for dining and shopping close by.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why We're here

In the US, 94% of accidents are caused by human error.

45% of Americans don't have access to mass transit.

1.35 million deaths worldwide due to vehicle crashes every year