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WFAA: Local start-up Mozee bringing self-driving technologies to businesses, government

our very own CEO, Shawn Taikratoke, had the incredible opportunity to share Mozee on WFAA. It was a momentous occasion to talk about how we're steering the future of transportation with our autonomous, electric vehicles, and to give everyone a sneak peek into our upcoming pilots and a little behind the magic that drives our vehicles around the North Texas.

Shawn on Jeff Crilley Show: Mozee's Vision

The Jeff Crilley Show featuring Mozee's very own CEO, Shawn Taikratoke. In this insightful conversation, Shawn delves into the groundbreaking realm of autonomous mobility and how Mozee is leading the charge in transforming urban transportation.

First Vehicle Arrives at Mozee Dallas HQ

The sleek and modern design of Elements_Efi was created with the intent of attracting and engaging customers who value both form and function in their technological products.

Mozee Settles into the Design District

Big News! Mozee has officially planted its roots in the heart of creativity and innovation - the Design District. This exciting move symbolizes our commitment to blending cutting-edge technology with urban aesthetics. Our new location is not just an office; it's a hub of inspiration, where ideas meet action to redefine urban mobility. Stay connected as we embark on this new chapter in a space buzzing with artistic and technological vibrancy. Here's to new beginnings in the Design District!

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